IntegriCo based its business on finding a better way to do things – a better way to work; a better way to grow; a way to produce a better product that’s stronger, lasts longer, is less expensive, and more environmentally responsible than the rest. How? By investing in the best people, with better ideas, and better work ethics than the norm.


Today, IntegriCo is looking for motivated candidates to join the team in Webster Parish.


Demand for freight transportation is projected to double by 2035.


IntegriCo Composites are made from landfill-bound recyclable plastics.


Since 2009, IntegriCo has a perfect installation
and maintenance record.


IntegriCo offers healthcare, vision coverage,
dental coverage, and vacation benefits.

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IntegriCo Composites Inc. makes railroad ties, rail crossing, and industrial mats from recycled plastics. These transportation infrastructure components outperform traditional products across the board and meet or exceed industry standards. Because IntegriCo products are made of strong plastics, they are resistant to moisture, insects, plate cut, caustic environments, and require little maintenance.




Founded in 2005, IntegriCo Composites Inc. is a fast-growing manufacturer of composite railroad products that is moving its headquarters to Webster Parish.

Louisiana is investing $20 million in capital improvements to help IntegriCo establish a manufacturing facility near Springhill, where transportation infrastructure components, including railroad ties, rail crossing, and industrial mats will be manufactured from recycled plastic.


IntegriCo is looking for new team members to work at the manufacturing facility near Springhill, in Webster Parish.

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